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** Your buffett food tables and beverage table(s) will be skirted and covered.

**Bride and groom assisted with dinner plates

** Chafing dished to keep the food hot.

** Catering employees attire include... black tuxedo attire and chef coats.  For BBQ's employees attire will be casual.

** Table service wihich includes sturdy weight plates, cups, plastic ware and quality napkins.  Upgrades are available.

** our food is homemade and specially prepared for you and your guests.  The amount of food we leave depe depends on the booking arrangements.  If it is a small catering and you are paying for the number that come, there will be no food left.  On larger caterings, food left will depend on how many you booked for attend the event.  If there is left, it will be left in covered foil pans: we do advise that the food should be kept in refrigeration and hot food should be heated to proper temperature before reserving.

** Linen, china and stainless ware are available at n additional cost.  Please notify ahead of time.

** We are equipped to cater without a kitchen or electrical hook up facilities.  There is an additional charge and notice is required.  Call for a description of a full kitchen.

** A deposit of $200 is required to reserve your date.  Payment is due 2 weeks prior to the catering.  If paid by credit card, a 3% swipe fee will apply.  Deposit will be held until after the event to cover any extra charges that may arise and will be mailed to person leaving the deposit.

**Refunds prior to 6 months or more will be in full: refunds between 3 to 6 months will be one-half:  and there will be no refunds for notice of cancellation given less than 3 months prior to the anticipated date.

**We are here to make your event a success.  Many other items are available- we are always available to discuss your   event... please feel free to give us a call.

                                                                                    Prices subject to change due to market price
                                                                                                               Energy charge may apply

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"Touch of Class" Catering
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989-843-6011  or  800-527-2180

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